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Courses, Credits, Term Dates 

During your MBA Exchange you will take elective courses with second year MBA students. When you access the course catalog (link below), select: MBA, Electives, Academic year 2024-25 and the term Mod I, II (fall )or Mod III or IV (spring). It may only be available in June/July. In the interim check the current courses for 2023-24.

Please note: The first round of course registration for Fall or Spring will be during two days only. This is typically done one month prior to the start of the program. The second round will be during the first week of classes in each module.

Credits/Contact Hours: 

Most courses count as 1.5 credit hours ~ 18-20 contact hours. 

Attendance and credits: 

  • One module exchange: You must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 courses and 4.5 credits per module.
  • Two modules exchange: You have to be registered for 6 classes and 9 UNC credits at minimum.
  • Course load maximum: We can allow 6 courses per module if your home university requires this. Official request must be made. MBA students take 4 to 5 courses per module typically

Term Dates:                                        Academic Calendar:

The main academic calendar for the MBA program is also listed on the external website. Exchange students take elective classes with our second year MBA students and follow their term dates.