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Pictures say a thousand words 

What Exchange Students Say!

Rafal Novicki, RSM, The Netherlands, Spring 2020

Rakhi Goyal, ISB, India:  Spring 2019

Improving my skills

The Weather! I didn’t choose Tuck because 4 months of the exchange period it was -30 degree C and I would not have enjoyed my time apart from studies.UNC Staff! Feedback from my alum friends that UNC staff is most cooperative and humble like they will try to do best for you in all circumstances. So that was another reason of me choosing UNC.

Faculty: UNC has great professors in Marketing, Strategy and Finance. Skills I can improve: Communication and presentation skills, Energy courses, Consulting skills etc.

Eduardo Flores Gordillo, IPADE, Mexico: Fall 2018

Cultural challenge:

Living in an unfamiliar culture and trying to fit in it, is one of the more exciting and nerve-wrecking experiences that one person can have. You’ll go through a complex and profound change and you’ll never be the same.

During the first days, your main concern will be to survive. Your brain goes into overload, it is under a lot of stress and it’s trying to survive. It is very tiring to adapt to change at first. There are so many inputs around you and it’s hard to keep track on what’s going on.

Embrace the unknown. Try asking for directions and advice instead of just relying on Google, TripAdvisor and your cellphone. Try new bars, hang out with different people, do things that you have never done before.

Give something back, teach others about what’s outside their vision. Change the status quo and make a positive difference. You’ll never be the same.

Alexandre Späth, HEC Paris, Exchange Term Fall 2018

Academic: I think that the academic level is quite the same at HEC Paris, and the teaching is also very similar. However the course structure is very different, at HEC Paris we have a lot less homework but we have finals in class and most of them aren’t open book while here most of the finals are take home. It is easier here because with all the cases you have to do you work on a steady basis and this is more efficient.

Best courses: MBA846: Entrepreneurial Finance with Xinxin Wang and MBA796: Global Financial Markets with Philip Howard

Why I love Chapel Hill and UNC: The fact that this is a “city campus” with a lot of sport activities. I love the gym at UNC KF and the fact that it is open until midnight is really great. I deeply appreciated also to live at Baity Hill in student housing. Also the diversity within the MBA Program. Go Tar Heels!