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First, your To-Do-List

  • Apply

New information will be posted soon.


Matriculation or Enrollment:

Enrollment: Once you completed your registration/application (with all required documents) you will be matriculated/enrolled at UNC.

  • The enrollment will be done on a portal called Connect Carolina.
  • Information about your student ID (PID) will be emailed to you once you are officially enrolled.
  • Admission letter: You will received an admission letter by email once your application is completed.

Information For Your Visa 

Financial Documents:

You will need to submit financial documents. These are uploaded to Connect Carolina. UNC’s portal for all students. Your point of contact is UNC’s International Student Scholar Services. Nicole Cobb is managing the I-20s. You are applying for an F 1 visa NOT J 1

Financial Certificate for MBA Exchange Students. Once your are registered in Connect Carolina you will find under admission a ‘To Do List’. All items listed there need to be completed and uploaded. You are submitting the financial certificate form and supporting documents. Read through the information listed on ISSS external website: ISSS – UNC Global

  • First review Financial Certificate (link coming soon) and review what you will need to provide. 
  • Once you UPLOADED the needed documents in Connect Carolina, it takes about 3 weeks before your visa document (I-20) will be issued and sent via email as a pdf. You will need to print it and sign it prior to your visa interview.

Visa details:

Once you received your I-20 document you will schedule your visa interview.

Here is important info ahead of it. For the interview you will need: Form I-20, your admission letter, copy of your receipt showing that you paid the I-901 fee or “SEVIS fee” (which you can print out after you pay this online). 


  • ICE: Is a great website that explains how to navigate the US Immigration System Follow step by step tips on how to apply for the F-1 visa
  • SEVIS Fee: Also important, before scheduling your visa interview, you must pay the SEVIS fee! When applying for SEVIS, you need to enter the SEVIS number which you can find on the top left corner on your I-20 document. You will also need to enter the school’s code which you will find under school Information on the I-20.  It will be this code: ATL214F10290000
  • Please read information for Student Visas not Exchange Visitor Visas on the US State Departments website.
  • What to expect during the visa interview
  • US Department of State: Site to check on Visa Wait times

Additional Requirements: 

Immunization Documents:

This is not urgent but you should look into the requirements. The to-do list for this will also be in Connect Carolina but probably not visible until June. Please review what is needed here: UNC Campus Health Immunization requirements.

Health Insurance:

This is also not urgent. Many students don’t look into this until the start of the term. It is however mandatary for every student to have insurance. You are not required to buy UNC Student Blue and can opt out (request waiver) during the summer for this insurance. More will be emailed once we have new information available. Please review health insurance information here.  

Basically, to have the waiver approved by UNC, this applies to all, semester and module students.Waiver deadline September 10 for fall and January 11 for spring.

If you are an international student, your policy also needs to meet the minimum necessary requirements:

  • A minimum medical benefit of $100,000 coverage for each specific illness or injury.
  • A deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness.
  • Provide at least $25,000 in benefits for repatriation of remains to the home country in case of death.
  • Pay up to $50,000 for medical evacuation to the home country.