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Exchange Application/Registration

1. Apply to be registered at UNC

  • Exchange Registration Form

Your application needs to be submitted by the following dates:

  • May 1 for Fall Exchanges
  • October 1 for Spring Exchanges

Make sure you complete the form including uploading your resume and a fun picture.


2. Bio Book:

  • Visiting Exchange Students Bio Book

Please download the ppt slide and email (as ppt. not pdf.) including your input and photo to Patricia Collins. The combination of all slides will be shared to all MBA students and professors at the beginning of the term.


3. Matriculation or Enrollment:

Enrollment: Once you completed your registration/application (with all required documents) you will be matriculated/enrolled at UNC. The enrollment will take place at the beginning of April for fall and beginning of October for spring and will be on a rolling basis. Enrollments complete May 15/October 15. 

  • The enrollment will be done on a portal called Connect Carolina.
  • Information about your student ID (PID) will be emailed to you once you are officially enrolled.
  • Admission letter: You will received an admission letter by email once your application is completed.


4. VISA – Health Insurance (only once the above steps are completed)

Learn more about J visa under the Visa section and learn Health Insurance/Immunization requirements.